Sustainable Packaging
Preserving our resources and environment.

What is Sustainability? 

Today it has a lot of different meanings. In a nutshell, it is conservation of resources; recyclability of resources; and the reduction of economical, environmental, and social impact from the production of goods. Sustainable Packaging is also a business opportunity, and it will help create a stronger planet.

Focused on the Environment

Beyond Print has pursued a number of Sustainable initiatives for our flexible packaging products that we sell including the use of “Post Consumer Recycled” (PCR) materials back into a package, “Recyclable” packaging (Both in roll stock and pre-made pouch/bag formats), and “Renewable” approaches including plant-based and ground oyster shells.

From our perspective, and that of our vendor partners, after switching from a less environmentally friendly package to flexibles, and then down-gauging to the most practical thickness to still support the required package performance, the most meaningful and impactful sustainable solution, at this point in the evolution of our waste management processing centers, is to pursue some combination of PCR and/or Recyclable applications.  That said, our focus will continue to be a practical approach to preserve our resources, develop new innovations, and educate ourselves, the industry, and the consumers.

Did you know…

that the production of recyclable flexible packaging is on the rise?

In fact, you can find a smarter label system on packaging today to help identify them as recyclable. Consumers can check with local stores to learn about their recyclable programs.

What is packaging expected to provide? 

•    Product protection
•    Product preservation
•    Efficient storage
•    Efficient handling
•    Restock ease
•    Shelf impact
•    Market differentiation
•    Privacy Consumer protection

The truth is, all of the above have an impact on your product and BPI can help guide you through the process of developing a more sustainable package.

The Benefit of Changing from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

For reasons beyond the traditional advantages, and with global attention on convenience and sustainability, the flexible packaging industry is feeling consumer pressure to transform rigid packaging to flexible packaging. There is a huge demand for environment-friendly products as the people are more inclined to move towards these products due to their growing awareness. Compostable plastic packaging is another major part of the current eco-friendly plastics market and Beyond Print offers such packaging solutions today. These renewable films are certified plant-based and sustainable polymer materials. Compostability testing has shown that even metallized barrier films break down in as little as 15 weeks.

Consumers are savvy shoppers and are increasingly looking behind the brand. They want to know your product, but they also want to know what affect your product has on them and the environment. Certified compostable packaging is an unparalleled opportunity to speak proudly about their packaging. The label tells the consumer the package is certified compostable and how to dispose of a package, and gives them a link to learn more.

As members of the Flexible Packaging Association, our manufacturing facilities globally represent our commitment to support economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials.

Some of the traditional advantages of flexible packaging include:

►    Packaging Weight
•    Lighter packaging allows for lower transportation costs, reduced warehousing space, and less waste

►    Material Structure Using Barrier
•    Structures are customized to provide the exact barrier properties needed for product protection

►    Differentiation and Convenience
•    Flexible packages offer unlimited formats, shapes, and features, such as handles, fitments, and closers for reusability and added convenience

►    Ease for Supply Chain
•    Flexible packages provide a complete solution for branding and product protection, with no need for labels or secondary packaging
•    Growing capabilities in recyclability

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